Welcome and thanks for taking a look at a few of my samples. Below is a collection of images that I created for clients that appeared in several print directory publications.


Advertising design

Here are fine examples of many ads that I created for various businesses for their directory advertisements.

I would select the font styles and text colors to match the artwork.

The information has to be clear and concise in a limited amount of space.

Pacific Breeze

Advertising design

Some great examples of my ad designs.

With a short consultation, I was off creating these designs for my clients.
They were very pleased in the way that they turned out when completed.

Let me do the same for you. Whatever your requirements, I can deliver for your business.

Panda Village

Advertising design

A fine example of one of my creations.

I had lots of inspiration while creating this.
And I was very pleased in the way that some turned out when completed.

Whatever your needs are, from a logo to a multi-page booklet or website, I can deliver fine designs for your business.


Inn Suites

Advertising design

Here is an excellent example with a map graphic that I created using Illustrator.

I used one of my desert scene photos as a backdrop to complete the look.

La Canada Fountains

Advertising design

Here is an example of an ad that I created by arranging some product photos.

I just floated some images with feathered edges over a color gradient background to tie it all together.

Specialized Auto

Advertising design

Here is an ad created for the chamber member business directory.

By combining several photos, I was able to complete the scene by adding some vehicles in the background.


Rock Guys

Advertising design

Here is what I consider to be a strong ad.

The client provided some great artwork that I was able to rearrange into a catchy visual into a small ad space.