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Let Danny Croft Web Design and Search Engine Optimization make you “famous” on the internet with service, excellence and the know-how to get people to find your site and business!

You can have the flashiest site around with lots of great features and still not get any traffic to your site. Many designers have spent years on their education in creating visually appealing websites, but still not have any training on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Items such as link exchanges, affiliates and other means of revenue streams, exposure and most of all traffic – are unknown to most web designers. Let me help you get high rankings on Google like several of my clients and students with my SEO service and support.

People don’t use hundreds of search engines. How many or which one’s do you use or know of? You want to be listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and/or Dogpile. Many search engines pull their results from these same search engines anyway. So if your site is listed among these, you will appear on others automatically.

If you keep adding/updating your content properly, the search engine spiders will automatically revisit your site to rank accordingly on their own.

I also research the most recent trends in what keyword terms people are actually looking for and incorporate these into your site’s tags to attract the traffic (and sales) you desire to become successful.

Resubmitting Your Site

Other SEOs claim they need to resubmit your site every month to hundreds of search engines (and charge you). What are they doing other then running a scam? You DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT resubmit every month.



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